Thursday, 29 January 2015

Happy Things

I do love a bit of good news, and the last few days seem to have been full of it! Maybe it is from being at home on enforced box rest with poorly children all last week, but this week I have been full of oomph and good intentions (hence actually writing a blog post ;D )

Happy things this week:

* The children are better and back at school (yay!)

* I have started riding a lovely little skewbald mare for a friend - I love young horses!

* I have had the amazing news that I am a runner up in the Twitter Eventing ran 'Fit to Ride' coaching course competition. This means I get a whopping 50% off the course price.

* I am considering becoming a freelance groom again, and where once this would have filled me with fear, I am now full of excitement.

* EQ Life magazine have done an article on our Team Chasing team and there is a fab pic of myself and A the wonder pony in it (fame at last?)

* I have had some lovely rides on my little mare A this week, really looking forward to our jumping clinic on Sunday.

Would love to hear anyone else's good news from this week.