Monday, 28 November 2011

A Horse Filled Weekend

I am still on a post horsey filled weekend high! This weekend I have clipped both the Mare and Gelding, and they both look quite smart (well, as though they belong to someone anyway) I have given the stables a good muck out too, lots of lovely clean straw, then had a sort through the old rugs.

DH (Darling Husband - I have resorted to abbreviations) and I then had a fun hack, thanks to a lovely girl on the yard who offered to look after the kids for an hour. I wouldn't say the horses were on their best behaviour, but they were really enjoying themselves. There is a fine line between having a bit of fun and being naughty, and they stayed the right side of it (just, in the case of the Mare who had to have several bucks!) We figured out that the poor Gelding hadn't been sat on for a month! Poor boy had a cut on his frog (his foot, for anyone who may be reading this and not familiar with horsey terminology) that had got a bit of pus in and he was quite sore for a while, then we had our holiday and before we know it a month had passed. He was an angel, yes he was bright and a bit on tippy toes, but definitely the better behaved of the two (yes Darling Mare, I am looking at you) so called lively ex-racehorse!

So, despite having slightly stiff muscles today, I have been full of bounce. This makes the day seem a happy one, and when mummies have happy days, so do the children. A fantastic result.

Now, back to the laundry mountain, also known as Mount Washmore....

Friday, 25 November 2011

Today I am Superwoman!

Seriously, the only thing I can't do is fly.

Today I got up at 6.45am (mostly thanks to my Husband's phone) had a shower and washed my hair and got dressed. All before my children were ready to get up (this is quite an achievement)

We got to school on time, then went to the postbox and the local shop to get milk (before we had run out!) As soon as my Son and I got home I started on the housework, my kitchen is now clean, and sorted out a load of baby stuff for a friend. A friend then came round for tea and mince pies (not home made, they were on special offer in M&S) Picked my Daughter up from school, had lunch etc.

Then I phoned up a horse feed company to get some more info on one of their products, I was impressed so have ordered a bag of these I will pick them up on monday, so will report back on them then.  Whilst on the phone, I made a chunky pasta sauce from fridge leftovers (tomatoes, onion, yellow pepper, garlic, carrots, celery and bacon)

I then loaded the kids into the car, and off to the horses we went. At the horses, I put some Kwickbeet on to soak, mucked out my two stables and put clean straw in both, skipped out the paddock, got my horses in, picked out their feet, straighted the Gelding's rug. I then (this is the exciting bit!) got some jump stands and poles out and set them up in the school. I had a lovely ride on the Mare, some flatwork, mostly getting her to listen to me and be more responsive as she can switch off a bit and go around like an old mule if you let her. Her canter is improving, we have had some niggles with the canter transitions, and on the left rein the canter is a bit wonky, but the last bit was a huge improvement. Then we popped over the jump. It was only a dinky cross-pole, but it perked us both up, so smiles all round.

Of course, by now I realise I need to kick on a bit to get everything finished before my Son wakes up, as having to push a buggy around while carrying feeds and haynets does make life that bit harder.

Everything done, get home around 4.30, I then have to get the kids (ok, and myself) fed before going to the school Christmas Fayre <<shudder>>

It was horrible, a hot hall, packed with children high on fizzy drinks and plastic tat won at the 20p tombola. We stayed 10mins, but luckily my Daughter was more than happy to leave once she had a chocolate crispy cake.

Both children are now in bed, I have the (real) fire lit, wine in the fridge (congratulating myself on a job well done) and I am now trying to think up 24 activities for advent....

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Why have I started a blog?

I like the idea of writing a diary. I have started many in my life, but they last a couple of weeks at the very most. What I struggle with is who are you writing it to? An imaginary friend? The diary itself? Yourself? It just feels strange. With a blog you can (in theory) be writing to actual people, does that make sense?

I wanted some way of recording the small things that may be forgotten, good and bad, and if anyone wanted to read about it, then great.

I have lots going on my life, I feel I am many things. I am a Stay At Home Mum (SAHM) to my children, I am a housewife (actually, to anyone who knows me, this is laughable!) I have horses and in my head I am still a 'serious' rider.

Some days I feel I am all of these things, and sometimes I feel like none of them. Sometimes (quite a lot of the time to be fair) I feel like a stroppy 14yr old in a sulk because she has to do something she doesn't want to.

What I am aiming for with this blog is to have somewhere I can witter on about my family, my horses or whatever. My horse friends don't tend to have children, so don't really get how difficult it can be to fit in the horses around them. My 'Mum' friends don't have horses and don't really see what the big deal is, and think I am mad to 'waste' so much time and money on them.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My Horses

I have two horses. I have the Mare, who is beautiful (I may be slightly biased) She is 15hh, TBxID, 10yrs old, dark bay with a white star and a snip, one 'wild' eye and two and a half socks. She is lovely to ride, forward going, bold and a bit of a show off. I love her.

I also have the Gelding. He is 16hh, TB ex-racehorse, 11yrs old, bay with a star and one white sock. He is a sensitive soul, some may say a bit simple and is quite in love with the Mare, who is a bit mean to him (ok, very mean) He is not very brave, and can whip around on a sixpence! He is mostly for my Husband to ride really, but I am supposed to keep him ticking over so he is ready for my Husband to ride when he gets the chance (which in all honesty is not very often)

I keep them at a small DIY yard 5mins drive away. It is a lovely yard, where everyone helps each other out. The kids and I spend our afternoons up there, my Son has his nap in the car on the yard and my Daughter runs around with the yard dogs playing with sticks and mud, while I muck out, do haynets, water buckets, feeds etc. That is what happens on a good day. On a bad day I have two grumpy children, it is raining, I have forgotten to pick up horse food and we are waiting for the farrier to arrive. But mostly it works and I feel happy, my Son has a good nap, my Daughter is rosy cheeked and smiling and we all come home in a good mood.

Today has been a good day

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The morning hasn't improved much

In the rush to get out of the house, the buggy broke (one of the bolts is a bit dodgy and needs replacing frequently) I couldn't find my keys (Barbie was hiding them) and my Daughter fell flat on her face on the pavement. Rush to get back as we have the chimney sweep coming and the house is an absolute hole at the moment, to find that although I had locked the door I had left the keys in the hood of the buggy which was parked outside my door. I am an idiot.

I then had to change my Son's nappy (they are great with their timing aren't they?) when the chimney sweep arrived. I hadn't had chance to run around chucking stuff into cupboards and now my house smelt of poo - marvellous.

However, I now have a very clean chimney but the house stinks of smoke. Ho Hum.


I have set this up and now have no idea what to write! Whilst setting this up, my son has emptied an entire pack of baby wipes - never trust a quiet 15month old!

I am now running late (of course) still have to brush hair (mine and my daughter's) and get to school in 10mins, I know this, not because I have looked at the clock but because Everything's Rosie is halfway through on Ceebeebies and we have to be out of the door the moment Tweenie Song Time has finished.

Bye for now, I'm bound to be back wittering on about something later....