Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The trials and tribulations of the newly working parent

Or, the many ways in which I've fucked up recently....

I've recently started a new job. It's very new in lots of ways, not only am I the new girl, but I am doing things I've never done before too.

My previous jobs have pretty much been all horse based, or bar/pub work. I've also done the odd stint in a shop, but not since I've been a 'grown up'

Anyway, I now have an office job and I bloody love it. I'm well aware it is still a novelty, and that it could wear thin pretty quickly, but at the moment I don't care! I'm enjoying being paid for being inside, wearing nice clothes, answering phones and emails, and being able to chat to lovely colleagues.

However, there have been some teething troubles....

Firstly, I've now got to fit what I usually have all week to do, into before and after work slots, and a Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I know for most that would be easy! But remember I have 2 and a half horses to do daily, one of which is in full work, and I am a slattern so spend a lot of my time charging about trying to find stuff (clean uniform, kids homework, a hairbrush, stuff for my lunch etc...)

Which leads us on to fuck up number 2. Lunch.
All winter I've existed on cereal bars and cup a soup, and then had something when I got home at 2.30pm. Now, I'm in the office 9 - 5.30pm which is nowhere near a shop, so I need to take lunch with me. A couple of times I've forgotten and spent the day eating cereal bars (I keep some in the car) and drinking coffee.

Forgetting stuff.
In the few weeks I have been working I have managed to forget to send snacks for my kids, send my son to French, forgotten to send their books in, their coats (on rainy days too!) I'm hoping once I get into the swing of things then it will be easier.... (hahahaha)

Or more specifically, outfits, I actually have plenty of clothes.
Usually I spend my days in breeches, long socks, a t shirt, or stretchy long sleeved top, body warmer and fleecy headband. However, that's not going to cut it in the office. It is casual dress, some are in jeans and trainers, some are dressed very smart, so it is personal preference. But I do actually like clothes, I've just had no need (or spare cash to be honest) to keep my wardrobe (ok, don't currently have an actual wardrobe, but you know what I mean) up to date. So I'm struggling to find something in between horse wear and pretty dresses. Suddenly a lot of my clothes are looking a bit sad and sorry. And don't even get me started on my hair, that is a daily battle I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

Another downside is not seeing the kids as much, but if I'm honest I'm enjoying the time I spend with them more because it's not every waking moment! I have a fab child minder, so I am completely happy that they're happy and well cared for.

There are also some advantages of going out to work (obviously, or I wouldn't be doing it!)

I love learning new things, and especially realising I'm still capable of doing so.

I love the social aspect. Once your kids start school you find you aren't socialising as much. Most of your mum friends are either back to work, or at baby group with younger ones, and after school is impossible because all the kids are doing different clubs and you can't fit it in. So going to work every day and being able to chat to people is great.

I've found I'm getting more organised and making the most of the time I've got.  Before it was easy to put things off because there was always another day, but now my time is more precious so I'm making the most of the odd 10mins. I manage to do the horses in 35mins in the mornings now, because that is all the time I have! And when I get a free evening to ride I do so, even though it is raining and I can't be arsed.

And lastly, the thought of a decent pay cheque at the end of the month is most appealing....