Monday, 16 March 2015

Mother's Day

Best day ever!
Not only did I have my husband off work all day, the kids had made some lovely cards, presents and a bloody good breakfast in bed for me (with quite a lot of help from said husband) Also, very little whinging to be heard (amazing!!)

We spent the morning getting all the yard jobs done, then the afternoon playing at Ely Eventing Centre over the xc jumps. So much fun! Lovely little horse was just so cool about the whole thing, we jumped lots, and I think her favourite jumps are the steps up and down, totally nailed them. Did lots of ditch practice, even jumped the trakhener twice (I hate the things!) and lots of little combinations.

We had a good group of us which pushed us all on a bit, and everyone felt fantastic at the end, having felt we had all achieved loads.

Unfortunately I had a silly fall. Silly because I knew the horse was tired, but because the others wanted to do the 'big' ditch, I decided to have a little pop over it. She is such a good horse, and will figure them out for herself, I just have to wait patiently. Unfortunately she stumbled when she decided to go and lost her footing so the front end came down and me with it! Bang went the air jacket (and £17 on a replacement air canister....) Thankfully I landed on my feet, but have somehow got a cracking bruise on my arm, and have learnt a very valuable lesson to go with your gut instinct and don't push a tired horse. I got back on and popped a smaller ditch on the way back to the lorry park no problem.

Home to cold hose tired horse legs and tuck her up for the night with lots of haylage and a tasty looking dinner. Then onto my home with my fab family and a huge roast and soak in the bath.

Thanking my lucky stars this morning when little horse walked out without bumps, bruises or any hint of stiffness, unlike myself...


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  2. Belatedly catching up but what a fab way to spend mothers day & I'm glad neither of you were hurt in the spill