Monday, 20 February 2012

Trailer Trouble

On Sunday, we took the horses out on their first trip in the new trailer. We were excited to be finally trying them in our own trailer, but anxious due to the last trip (which ended in a bent partition in a friend's trailer!)

We exercised the horses first so they weren't too fresh, and they had been out in the woodchip turnout. They got a bit excited when the boots and tail guard came out, but so far, so good.

We loaded the gelding first, then the mare, all fine. Before we had even started to move however, the mare started to lean on the partition and refused to stand on all four legs the trollop

It didn't get any better. While we were moving, all was quiet, but as soon as we slowed or accelerated she would throw herself about. I can quite honestly say it was not the driving that was upsetting her. I truly believe she was upsetting herself.

The good news is that an Ifor Williams 505 seems to be pretty indestructable, only a little bit of pushing back was required.

I have since been googling, asking horsey people I know and talking it through with my husband, and I now have a list of things to try to get the bloody horse travelling on four legs!

  • Put some bedding down in the trailer - even though the floor is decent rubber, apparently some horses can find it slippery.
  • Take off her boots. This sounds a bit harsh, but thinking back, the problem started around the same time I bought a really good set of travelling boots. She may find them too restrictive, and she does not have shoes behind, so damage should be limited. Perhaps some brushing boots will be a better bet?
  • Travel her on the other side. She seemed to be leaning against the partition, and scrambling her legs up the side of the box. If she leant against the side with her feet towards the partition she would find that due to the rubber skirt of the partition, she would have more foot room.
  • Either take out the partition, fold back the rear half or just travel her alone to see if it makes a difference and whether it is a confidence thing.
I will attempt them all if I have to. It is particularly stressful because she has travelled beautifully in a trailer, and with another horse too, so will she come round or not?

Any other suggestions gratefully received!

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