Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Not having the best week. Sunday was promising, a nice amble round the countryside on my mare, followed by drinks in a (pretty rough, admittedly) pub with my friends in the evening. Monday was pretty shite though.

We get my daughter to school just in time, only for me to look down and notice something crawling in her hair - she has nits. Fab. She has just started school, so this is the first time we have had to deal with them. I promptly turned her round back out of the school gates and headed straight for Boots, where I had an enlightening discussion with the pharmacist about killing the little feckers. He recommended the Nitty Gritty comb as the very best thing available. I was leaning towards the electronic comb to electrocute the dirty, blood sucking bastards. The pharmacist assured me that as I was planning on running the hair straighteners over my daughter's hair, it would be overkill (quite literally) So, Nitty Gritty it was!

After the de-nitting was done, and my daughter had beautifully smooth, nit free (and very straight) hair, we had to dash off to the chiropractor for my appointment, armed with a (Cath Kidston) handbag full of cars and Octonauts toys to keep my two children vaguely quiet while I was straightened out.

Forty five minutes later, we were on our way home, me straighter and slightly poorer, the kids a bit bored and getting hungry.

We had a very quiet couple of hours before doing the horses, but by the evening the boy was grumpy because he is teething and the girl was manic as she hadn't had enough exercise, I was feeling quite fragile and in desperate need of a glass of wine, but that would have to wait because we had the rest of us to check for nits.

Not one nit between the rest of us (surely pure luck!) which would suggest they came from school, and because I broadcast it to everyone who comes into contact with my daughter (we do NOT want them back) it will be assumed that my daughter is the one who gave everyone nits. Not a great start to school life!


  1. Euwww. I hate the little creatures! We've had them once so far (how we've managed to avoid them I have no idea!) The Nitty Gritty comb worked really well for us. My mum (a retired hairdresser) also recommends using a treatment on the hair too. The comb will only keep them at bay if you definitely comb out the adult ones. Miss them, and they just start multiplying again! Fingers crossed your week improves. :-)

  2. I have been combing hair in my sleep I have done it so much! I anticipate combing thoroughly at least once week for about the next 10years. I have heard that Hedrin is very good, so going to keep that as a next assault should we need it (probably will!) Taking my daughter for a haircut next week to at least make the combing more manageable.