Sunday, 20 January 2013

Week 1

I am aiming to go drag hunting in March. This gives me 8 weeks to get myself and the mare fit. It is achievable, if I stick at it, unfortunately I get sidetracked way too easily. Hmmm......

Anyway, I am going to take it one week at a time. This week, week 1, I am aiming to ride for 10mins, three times. Doesn't sound a lot, but I need to start somewhere.

Monday - A lot of snow fell overnight and the girl's school is shut. A fab friend had the kids while I got the horses done, but sadly no riding (lots of snow, lack of time etc...)

Tuesday - Still lots of snow, but the girl is back to school. Managed to lunge the mare for about 4minutes in the snow filled arena. Still, better than nothing.

Wednesday - the boy had an epic nap - yay! So a fairly relaxed afternoon doing the horses and I managed to sit on the mare, I  wouldn't call it riding as it was at walk in a snow filled arena for less than 10mins, but at least I remembered how to stay on and the mare was reminded that she is not actually feral.

Thursday and Friday - still deep snow, and two poorly children.

Saturday - proper riding! I rode for 5mins in the arena, where only the outside track was rideable, then out for a hack around the fields. Was fab! Mare nearly did the splits, followed by a mini bunny hop of a buck, which was interesting (I actually thought I was coming off) Mare came tottering hilariously into the yard on her snow ball high heels like a binge drinker in Stevenage town centre on a Saturday night ;D

Sunday - 20mins in the school on the mare. The snow has completely melted, leaving plenty of puddles. I am disgusted at how unfit the pair of us are, neither of us have any muscle to speak of, both are as weak as kittens and both were plenty worn out from this weekends work. Looks like we have our work cut out.....

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