Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Start of the holidays!

Today is the first day of the summer holidays. Half of me is looking forward to the next six weeks, while the other half is dreading it!

On the one hand there are lots of days out to be had, not constrained by school times, I get to see more of the girl, our week away camping in Wales, the boy's 3rd birthday and party, catching up with family, and possibly some fairly nice weather.

On the other hand, I am likely to have less time to ride, will spend too much money, have kids squabbling, the house will look even more like a bombsite, and too much time will be spent in front of the telly instead of doing wholesome family activities.

At this moment in time I am feeling a bit hard done by, having had a stressful day yesterday and feeling like my family very much take me for granted. This is not helping me get up this morning! So I am possibly looking at the holidays with slightly more dread than enthusiasm today.

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