Monday, 7 April 2014

The New Yard (finally!)

The big horse move is complete! Surprisingly stress free and very smoothly done. I lost my temper a couple of times, and my language while moving the rubber matting would have been enough to make a squaddie blush, but on the whole it didn't go too badly.

I had roped in a couple of friends and without them it could have been a very different story!

The horses travelled very well together in the trailer, so one stress factor eliminated.

They then settled very well in their (huge!) stables. The gelding does tend to box walk, well, box wander really, especially if he has the room to do so, and if stressed, so he has been quite busy.

The turnout didn't go as well as I had hoped, as grass is no longer a novelty, but grumpy cobs in the next door field are. Luckily I had had the sense to run a strip of electric fence about 4 foot away from the fence so they couldn't really touch - very wise move indeed!

We had planned a hack out on the Sunday to celebrate new yard/new hacking/new hacking friends, but actually it was windy, the horses were being idiots and I wimped out! Rode the mare in the (rather lovely) school instead, where she called to the gelding the whole time, and he called back. Not sure we are very popular now!

Glad as I am to be at the new place, it feels very much like starting a new job. You know what you are doing, you just have no idea of the rules, or how things work, and spend your time going in the wrong direction for things.

Could be a while before I stop feeling like the new girl!


  1. Congrats on the stress free move - hope the settling in goes well in the new yard. Once they settle they should stop yelling for each other - one or the other will get bored ;-)

  2. Thanks. Yesterday was a bit better. Meant to get warmer and sunnier here this week, and that always helps make them a bit more chilled!