Sunday, 25 May 2014

Finally pulling it all back together.

Today is Sunday. The day of rest supposedly. Unfortunately for us things had been slipping for a while, culminating in a messy house, huge mountain of laundry, no actual food in the house and a slight feeling of despair!

I was feeling a bit flat after an amazing eventing training session on Friday which was a very long day, and the fact my little mare had gone lame the very next day. Takes the wind out of your sails a bit.

Top priorities today:

1. Laundry, before the mountain takes over and we have to resort to clothes made out of feed sacks in a post apocalyptic type scenario.

2. Food shopping. Because, you know we like to eat, and when you end up feeding your darling children dry cheerios and chocolate cake for breakfast you know things are getting rather desperate!

3. Horses (obviously)

4. Bath children, yes even though it is the school holidays!

5. Cook the family a proper meal to ward off scurvy, rickets and general malnutrition.

6. Claw back some kind of order in the house any way possible.

It is now nearly 10pm and I have achieved the following:
- Horses (mare looks a bit sounder)
- Clean children
- Food shop
- Cook nourishing meal for the family (roast chicken, mash potato, carrots and spring greens, gravy)
- 2x of laundry (still about 10 to go)
- Cleared kitchen side, all dinner stuff away or in dishwasher
- Kids in bed
- Slightly questionable rock buns made for our walk tomorrow.

That will do nicely.

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