Wednesday, 14 March 2012


As I look around my house, every single surface, every single corner, every single gap is full of stuff. There are random things wedged alongside books on the shelves, there are precarious piles of magazines stacked up on the coffee table (and underneath it) there is a huge pile of post on one stair, another of CD's, pens and other things without a home on the next stair. In the kitchen, out of three worktops, only one has enough room to make a cup of tea on, even the fridge has stuff stacked on top of it. I don't know which room is worse, our bedroom or the dining room, where you have to squeeze around odd, full to the brim boxes and bags of more bloody stuff.

I actually really hate mess, but sadly I am a messy person. My children are average, messy children, and my husband seems to be getting worse!

Sadly, I think my house represents the state of myself at the moment - cluttered. I feel I have so much stuff going around my head, and I am really struggling to get it into order.

I know I need to get sorting. Clearing some surfaces off, making the house feel more spacious, and hopefully my head will follow......?


  1. Can you send some de-cluttering vibes this way too? I have fabric and yarn strewn from one end of the house to the other....good luck!

  2. But at least that is pretty clutter! Actually, the fact I am even suggesting there is such a thing as pretty clutter means I'm doomed doesn't it? ;D