Sunday, 25 March 2012

If Ikea did Horses....

You would have to choose a basic frame first. Any colour other than white would cost extra. Markings would be extra. Manes and tails would be extra (but available in all sorts of wacky designs) and even the bloody feet would be an optional extra.

Thankfully, Ikea do not do horses!

They do however do childrens beds. A lovely, small bed for a lovely small child, complete with a guard rail to stop the little darling falling out. But apparently, the base is considered an optional extra. I am actually fine with that, I am not fine with not realising that the base is not included until I get home. Grrrrrrrrrrr.......


  1. Noooo - really?! That's terrible! How can they even think a base is an optional extra! How frustrating for you.

  2. For most of the weekend I could be heard muttering "Bastards, Who sells a bed without a base, I mean WHO? Fuckwits, mumble, mumble Seriously, mumble, bastards" like some mad woman.