Wednesday, 25 April 2012

There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing

Apparently! Actually I do kind of agree with this, well mostly, of course some weather conditions are impossible to be properly dressed for, unless you count being wrapped up warm inside the house!

Windy weather for example. You cannot stop the wind finding any bare bit of skin, however small, especially if it is icy cold. Also torrential rain is not much fun.

But the one that I struggle with is April showers. Bright sunshine one minute, chucking it down the next. This is doubly difficult if you are going out on a ride, if you wear full waterproofs you are going to sweat like a pig, but will stay dry if it rains (which it won't - Sods Law) but if you go out in just normal clothes with perhaps a fleece to stop the slight chill, you can guarantee it will hose it down and you will be weighed down by a sopping wet fleece.

Today I got soaked. The sort of soaked where water is running down your face despite looking like a right eejit with a hood up and all the cords pulled tight. My muckers are soggy on the inside, my jodphurs were shrinkwrapped to my legs and my gloves were sopping. I got very wet yesterday too, and the day before and I am very likely to get wet tomorrow. We are in a drought you see, so of course it is raining - a lot. It is that Sods Law again.

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