Monday, 7 May 2012

A trailer based breakthrough, and a little bit of stupidity

My Darling Husband and I have been planning on doing some fun rides with a view to doing some endurance (his idea, not really my thing) but as yet, nothing much has actually happened. We are very good at talking about things, about planning and even going as far as to write the dates on the calender. But that is it. When it comes down to actually doing stuff we are woefully bad.

To be fair, the horses are not always particularly helpful. You may remember our travelling problems. But here, we have had a breakthrough! We have been putting the mare in the trailer and feeding her copious amounts of polos and it seems to have paid off, for on Saturday, we travelled her round the village in the trailer with very little nonsense from her. Admittedly, she had been given the horse equivalent of a double gin and tonic and more polos, but Hurray! So, on Sunday we tried the same, but with the gelding in there too. There was the odd little bit of stupidity (from us, we loaded them in, then realised we hadn't undone the trailer door, so had to unload one horse so we could get back out idiots) but again it went really smoothly.

This means, that next weekend we are finally going on a charity fun ride!!! 15miles of new tracks and possibly the odd jump or two. And the best bit? You can enter on the day, so no concerns with us forgetting to post the entries.

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  1. Excellent - hope you get to your charity fun ride and have a super time. Look forward to reading all about it. Elaine