Monday, 16 July 2012

The No Snacking Plan

On my mission to quit evening snacking I have come up with a few ideas to keep my hands busy:

  • Blog (obviously)
  • Facebook (very easy to get sucked in and keep you away from the kitchen)
  • Sewing nametapes into school uniform. My daughter starts school in September and I may have gone slightly overboard with the amount of uniform I bought. But that is a lot of sewing of nametapes (and you can watch telly at the same time)
  • Have a soak in the bath, with a book preferably. It is virtually impossible to snack in the bath, despite what Cadburys may think - remember the Flake advert?
  • Housework - this is dull and hardly worth a mention.
  • Clean tack. This is good if you take your tack home with you, and you could watch a film at the same time.
  • Learn a dressage test - I always need to 'draw' the test route, so snacking is not an option.
  • Ironing - technically housework, but it is a bit of a novelty in this house, so may yet happen.
  • Learn to Knit or Crochet (unlikely)

That is all I've got so far, but if anyone thinks of any others I will be grateful.

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