Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Goodbye Summer

It looks as though Summer is well and truly over. And, in perfect British weather tradition, it hasn't faded out gradually, but come screaming to a halt! To be fair, our Winters are not so harsh that we need much in the way of preparation, but a little warning would be nice.

I have a list of things I really need to do before the weather turns - get the horses rugs mended, get the thermostat reset on the central heating, get the chimney swept (I'm sure there has been a bird nesting in there) buy my son a new duvet, and dig out the winter clothes. I'm sure there are more....

Today I became aware of the weather change for a few reasons, firstly my feet felt very cold in ballet pumps, secondly I was anxious to find my fleece headband/ear warmer, and finally I had to wear gloves to do the horses.

Time to swap the polo shirts for polo necks, to start putting on a sweater as a matter of course and to fight my natural urge to hibernate.

But, there are some things to look forward to. I love Christmas (well, the build up anyway!) and it being dark and cold outside, while inside you are toasty and warm. I love the excuse to wrap up instead of bearing my (rather wobbly) flesh, and of sitting down to stews, and mash potato.

Also, I am hoping to take the mare hunting this year and this is very exciting, we haven't been since before the children which was nearly 6yrs ago. We are bound to have forgotten how to behave!

My husband and I are doing an endurance ride at the weekend, but I am starting to worry how I will keep the horses going over the winter - I have already noticed a difference to the time I have in the evenings due to the fading light. Now that my son is down to less than an hours nap a day I am finding time increasingly tight.

May be time to start looking at our daily routine to see what we can change/juggle to make life a bit easier, also need to look at ways to make the Winter easier - there must be something?

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