Saturday, 9 November 2013

Real life returns

This week has been a bit of a let down after the excitement of last weekend. Admittedly I am poorly. I managed last weekend with a quite nasty cough (thank god for Benylin!) But by Monday I felt pretty rubbish. All the adrenaline had gone and left me feeling about as useful as a particularly watery jelly.

I have been making plans to hunt some more this winter, perhaps get out with the draghounds for some serious jumping. But this week has been so flat, the very thought of jumping hedges that size and being out with 'proper' riders has been daunting.

Add to that some extra work for myself and my husband, and there are not many dates where I can get out.

My horse priorities are getting the brakes sorted. As we are, we are a danger to ourselves and others. I have bought a hanging cheek waterford to try on the mare, and a friend has lent me a kineton noseband, so we have a few different strategies to try. The challenge is trying them in a controlled environment! She is a donkey at home, but in true Jekyll and Hyde style, she turns into a bit of a monster at 'parties'

I have booked a showjumping lesson for next weekend with a wonderful instructor and a full course of showjumps, in the hope I start riding the mare, instead of being a passenger (this could be a challenge!)

Here's hoping for a week of good weather, lots of hacking out and the cough finally clearing up.

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