Thursday, 19 December 2013


As is customary for bloggers, here is my year round up.

2013 may have been my favourite year yet. So much has happened!

I did my trailer towing training and passed.

I joined the Riding Club (and didn't disgrace myself too much) Also met lots of new horsey people in the area.

We won our first 1st rosette.

We started competing again after a long break, with 1'9" showjumping, and ended the year jumping 3'3" hedges (well ok, 4ft if you count the one we jumped by accident!)

I had a complete confidence meltdown which made me start to consider giving up entirely, but actually when it came down to it, gave me the push I needed to accept the lack of confidence was what it was and do something about it. I now have some strategies to help when it gets bad.

Not horse related, but other very good things that have helped make 2013 the best year yet:

I got a job! After so many years out of work with having the children, I have got a job I enjoy, that is well enough paid that I can afford childcare and is very part time, so I don't get bored with the novelty of going to work - win, win!

I made some new friends.

My husband and I celebrated 8 years together and 5 years of being married.

My children are turning into rather nice people that I (mostly) enjoy spending time with (it is half way through the Christmas holidays, hence the 'mostly')

So, Happy New Year, and here is to a good 2014 !

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