Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A spanner in the works.

So I made the mistake of thinking things were going well.

We are now possibly looking at having to move yards, and as every horse owner who has ever had to rent somewhere knows, there is little that is more stressful.

There is somewhere quite perfect, two spare stables, 2 acre field with year round turnout, excellent arena with a good jump selection, one of my best friends, and several other horsey friends, good hacking. Perfect, except it is half an hour away.

Do you jump at the chance and accept time will be tight for the next couple of months until the kids finish school for the summer (have I mentioned that our favourite National Trust property is only 10mins from this yard?) And that horsey outings will be limited in order to cover increased fuel costs? Or find somewhere else more local, and hope you find one of the rare good ones?

A year ago I would have been content with a field and a couple of stables, or even a decent field shelter, but now things are starting to happen, I'm giddy at the thought of a real life decent arena without an almost year round water feature!

If the yard I am at was going to stay the same, I would never leave. But there are rumblings from the powers that be and we are all uneasy. When the longest standing members of the yard have put their names down on the waiting list of the local all singing, all dancing livery yard, you know it's time to worry!

I sense some sleepless nights ahead.

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