Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Half Term Holiday (also known as the week we will never speak of again)

This week has been a bit shit if I'm honest. It has also been Half Term. In the space of one week we have had:

1 x  disastrous trip to IKEA - daughter got very travel sick and vommed up onto the restaurant floor (there are no words to describe that moment) Also, the main thing we went for wasn't in stock.

2 x trips to see family, which was nice.

2 x trips with the trailer, which went very well despite getting stuck in traffic for 30minutes (seems amazing that the mare was cool about it, considering the travelling stress we've had with her)

2 x dressage lessons - very grateful for these, and I have learnt a lot, but also made me feel a bit useless. Well, I made myself feel useless, but I'm working on that, it is just a slight inferiority complex.

1 x outbreak of slapped cheek disease -technically two cases (both kids) and both my husband and I feeling a bit ropey. Probably wasn't travel sickness at IKEA after all....

2 x fantastic hacks.

1 x husband away for the weekend at a course.

1 x hour spent with the kids falling off their bikes.

1 x car crash - in which I realise why I love my Tank as much as I do.

Also, several hours of Wii and kids television, extortionate amounts of bribery, cakes, sweeties (and calpol)

Thank God they are back to school tomorrow!

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