Sunday, 15 February 2015

Things we learn the hard way

We actually went showjumping on Saturday. Like proper showjumping, with lots of bling, and barely a stock or hairnet to be seen! (actually that is totally a lie, I'm just trying to be funny)

It didn't really go to plan. As predicted I was in way over my head. I tend to have ostrich like tendencies, and if things get a little bit scary or stressful I ignore the bad stuff, put a positive spin on it and keep jollying along. This can work wonders in lots of situations, but sadly this was not one of them.

The course was probably the biggest I've done, it was indoors, and although they did a cracking job of building the course, there's no denying it is much harder in an indoor arena. Despite warming up beautifully, and jumping her socks off over the practice fences, it all fell apart once we were in the arena. We had a bad jump over the first, knocked the second and third down, then stopped at the 4th and 5th, at which point I decided to retire. We left the indoor arena and went straight out and popped the practice fence again, with no problems.

Strangely I don't feel disappointed. I feel it's been rather a large wake up call, and I'd much rather it came at this time of year. I've learnt that I can't take the horse for granted, that we can wing it at 2'6" or even 2'9" but 3ft is pushing it. I've realised that if we want to do the higher levels we need to do more work - more schooling, and we need to learn to change legs when we're jumping. That my horse is actually an animal capable of being spooked by things, and sometimes she gets confused with what I'm asking - our second refusal was due to her locking onto the double, and so the jump we were supposed to be jumping took her by surprise.

I've also learnt that I should not take my husband and children showjumping, because they will not be impressed with a 4 hour wait for a class, and I will spend the day feeling guilty! Especially on Valentine's Day ;D

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  1. Woops on the 4h V-day wait, still live and learn. Sounds like there was plenty take aways from the experience and so long as neither you nor A were over faced or took fright. You'll take stock and learn from the outing.
    Onwards and upwards ☺