Sunday, 22 February 2015

We went hunting! (and survived!!!)

Yesterday the mare and I went hunting at one of the busiest meets in the area. The reason was because I know that super early on there is a 6 furlong stretch of grass that I could do battle should we need it, and I know my way home from most places too. Also, they don't technically 'meet' until later on so no cap required til then, just a charity donation, which works well if you think you might only be out 10 minutes (again)
It was very busy, we were towards the back and we were counted as numbers 98 and 99!
But..... We had brakes. The mare wasn't too happy about it to start with, and we stayed so far away from the others we were frequently following footsteps, but despite being so excited she could explode, she didn't, and when I asked her to stop she did.
We stayed out an hour, then spent an hour hacking back in the sunshine, which was blissful.
We really couldn't have done it without a friend and her super patient mare who kept Alice company and was a calming influence.
And I'm not sore today - result!

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  1. Success - congrats! It's a testament to your growing bond & relationship that she didn't explode and not only that but hacked home away from the others after an hour.
    Major kudos for going hunting, it is something I never did.