Monday, 18 March 2013

Week 8 - trailer training!

On Monday I drove up to Ipswich for day one of my trailer towing intensive course.
 I started with the reversing and the test manoeuvre, in an inch of snow! Did surprisingly well. The driving around Ipswich on the other hand......
Youtube clip of the reverse maoeuvre

Tuesday - day 2 of the course. I am exhausted! General driving with towing the trailer going well, but that bloody Ipswich town centre! As soon as I pass my test I will never drive there again. Got to memorise the correct sequence for hitching/un-hitching for tomorrow (YouTube is great for this). Fun. So far 12hrs of driving in 2 days. The day ended quite stressfully with the boy falling up some steps and getting a bloody nose.
Youtube clip of hitch/unhitch

  Wednesday - test day! Felt quite ill when I got up, but felt quite positive once I was in the car, that was until I got a phonecall to say my childcare had fallen through. Thankfully another friend could step in at the last minute. Not exactly a calm start! 2hrs of training, followed by the test at 10.15am.

  For the test I had to first read a numberplate (to prove I was not too blind) then a couple of questions. I was asked to open the car bonnet and identify where the brake fluid goes. Then I was asked what safety measures would you take when towing. I answered that you need to check your trailer and vehicle are fit for purpose (tyres, lights etc) and that your load is secure and evenly distributed. He seemed happy with that. Then I had to check my lights were working. For this I had to put on my headlights and hazards and walk around the trailer. I then had to do the reverse exercise. This was not as smooth as I know I can do it, and I picked up 2 minor faults. Cross with myself! Then the driving...... I think I was lucky more than anything! I had no buses try to take me out on a roundabout (unlike the previous day) and every time I needed to change lane I had a clear run. Back to the test centre and time to unhitch and hitch up. Had a sticky moment when I couldn't get it to unhitch, but I tried it again and it went.

Then the result........ PASSED! I had 2 minor faults for the reversing, 1 for a mistimed signal and 3 for not checking over my shoulder. 6 in total, I am delighted! (but slightly cross that I couldn't done it with less)

A quiet rest of the week, but then felled by man flu! Feel like shite and the weather matches my mood perfectly!

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