Monday, 11 March 2013

Week 7

The week started with sunshine and such a level of productivity that I scared myself! Both horses got ridden on Monday afternoon. This is the first time the gelding has been sat on in about 3months. It felt like riding a yearling, he was so weak and uncoordinated! They have really enjoyed having their rugs off for the afternoons. The gelding is filthy (but happy)

A friend came to ride on Wednesday, which was nice for both of us - I had some help and company, and she got to ride.

By Thursday the weather had turned and was cold and grey. I managed a coffee and a complete read of Horse and Hound magazine in peace - bliss! There was a very good article in there about an event rider who is also a single parent to two small children. It is quite inspiring and encouraging for someone like myself who struggles to get the balance right between children and horses.

Friday seems to be spent at the swimming pool every week now. I take the boy in the morning, then we are back there in the evening for the girl's swimming lesson. At least that only means one load of swimming washing each week.....

Saturday was a complete blur! The morning was spent going to town, then cooking meals for the coming week (going to be a busy one) followed by doing the horses in cold, wet and windy weather, the gelding has his third rug back on. Then the kids were dropped off at grandad's for a sleepover (felt a bit wobbly about it, we aren't used to leaving them anywhere) then home to scrub up for a party! On the (very late) drive home it started to snow, and persisted all the way home. Yuck. Lie in and a fry up on Sunday, then pick kids up, do horses (still wet, cold and windy) and onto a children's party at a soft play hell Fishfinger sandwiches for dinner, followed by Call the Midwife on the telly, and in bed for 9.15pm. Perfect.

This coming week I have 8 hours of trailer training and my test! Thankfully I have been practicing a bit this last week, so fingers crossed it goes well.

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