Thursday, 21 March 2013

Week 9

6am on a Monday morning. Thanks kids, you shouldn't have. Yawn.
But the sun is shining, could this be spring?
Feeling springlike, the boy and I spend most of the day at the yard. We even take the trailer out for our first solo trip, empty, and only around the block, but still! Should have made the most of the beautiful weather and ridden or something, but the boy didn't want to nap, and I couldn't stop sneezing, it was ridiculous! Parents evening this evening, going to enjoy being told what a joy the girl is, sure it won't last.

Ok, so probably not spring, freezing here today. Mostly successful trip to playgroup with the boy, he seems to have moved on from biting, but likes to push instead. I suppose it is progress......
Lunged the mare this afternoon. Moving really freely at walk, tracking up nicely, trot shows her weakness though. Still positive. Was hair model for friend, now have swishy new hair.

Wednesday, quiet morning, coffee with friend, followed by making up a load of peanut M&M brownies to say thanks to all my friends who helped me with childcare last week. The gelding was loose schooled (in a very loose sense of the word) and looking quite pleased with himself. That will do.

Thursday already? Girl to school, back home for coffee and Nutella on toast, the boy watching Cbeebies. The cat then does a mad dash around the house, leaving nuggets of poo. Wonderful. Try to clear up and keep the boy from treading in it.
Make bolognese to put in slow cooker for tonight, chuck boy out into garden for 10mins, sort laundry, do a bit a clear up in kitchen. Then pick up pieces of puzzle that are scattered all over kitchen floor (for the second time this morning) reward myself with a sit down in the sitting room which looks like a toy explosion has gone off. So much I should do, so can't be arsed.
Lunged the mare, she is looking better and the trot was nearly as good as the walk today. Baby steps. Looking after a friend's kids after school for a couple of hours. Looking forward to a beer afterwards.

Friday, swimming day. It is good at wearing the boy out, but leaves me knackered.
Weekend! Crappy snowy weather, so all plans have been cancelled. Eating too much and being lazy instead. This weather needs to change a bit sharpish, or I will be the size of a house. Horses don't seem to mind the snow though.

Picture of the mare, looking not too shocking....

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