Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Day two of New Year's plan

Yes, I know it is not technically the new year yet, but it was easier to start on the Monday!

So, day two, Tuesday:

The mare and I did pretty much the same as yesterday. Lots of walk on a long rein to start, followed by working properly in walk, with as much seat and leg, and with as light and steady a contact as I am capable of. We then moved up into trot, and did the same exercises in trot. We had the slightly raised pole in the same place as yesterday and used that to keep her focused. Each time she tried to evade my aids, or stopped concentrating I would take her over the pole. This helped to keep us both focused, and perks her up a bit as she tends to find flatwork dull and hard work (lazy beast!)

There was an obvious improvement with the canter transitions today, mostly I think because I was using more seat and leg, and asking directly from leaving a circle or leg yield, so she was already switched on.

I still need to work more on the cool down. The moment we have finished working I let her trot one lap of the school in a long, low trot, then walk round once on each rein, but I struggle to get any more from her once she knows she has finished. I did take her for a bit of grass once I'd dismounted, as she deserved a treat for working so well.

My husband worked the gelding today. He loose schooled him for 10 mins, then led him over the pole a few times. Not a lot, but you have to start somewhere!

Tomorrow my husband is planning on riding the gelding, and I'm planning on a bit more flatwork, but with the pole in a different position in the school.

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