Monday, 13 January 2014

A 'meh' kind of Monday

I am one of the few people I know that actually like Mondays.

I get to drop the kids off at school and disappear to the yard for some guilt free horse time. I generally don't ride at weekends, so I am desperate to get out by Monday, full of plans and enthusiasm.

Today I really can't be arsed! I've got a niggling headache that I've had all weekend that just won't shift, lots of stuff to do at home, and on top of that I attempted to loose school the mare over a grid yesterday, and it was a complete disaster. She was an absolute tramp to be honest, and I have no inclination to ride it today!

I know I'll feel guilty for not doing anything with the horses today, later in the week, but sometimes a day off can be a good thing.

I'm enjoying a very peaceful coffee, I am writing this week's meal plan and shopping list, waiting to hear back from the British Horse Society with regards to my lost membership card, and losing the ongoing battle with the laundry pile. Also need to get tonight's dinner in the slow cooker.

Hopefully some enthusiasm will return for mucking out this afternoon?

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