Friday, 17 January 2014

There are times when you wonder why you bother (part 1)

This week has been pretty shit if I'm totally honest. From a purely selfish point of view.

I seem to have lost all oomph and enthusiasm for pretty much everything. Nothing bad has happened, I've just felt miserable, and my confidence seems to have randomly disappeared. Yes I know, woe is me etc....

Anyhow, yesterday was cold but sunny and I had given myself a very stern talking to (mostly along the lines of "Man the hell up") only to get to the yard and find the yard owner was having some trees chopped down and chipped. This upset the delicate flower that is the gelding, and he was turning himself inside out. The mare was indifferent, but not wanting to be outdone she was chasing him (the cow!) After I had been dragged in from the turnout area, stripped the top rug off the sweaty mess the gelding had got himself into and very nearly lost the plot with the pair of them, it became apparent that I hadn't a hope in hell of separating the horses. The gelding, or knobhead as he was temporarily known, would probably have taken the front of the stable off if I had taken his comfort blanket away, even if she is vile to him.

I was cross, and quite frankly pissed off. I had had a low start to the week, had bucked my ideas up and it was all for nothing.

The day was finished off with turning up to put the horses to bed, to find an enormous pile of woodchip in the gateway to the turnout. 40minutes of shovelling, and some very tight muscles, and I could finally get the gate open and closed.

Marvellous, time for gin. But wait, Friday is just as good! Look out for part 2 (please contain your excitement) 

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