Monday, 4 February 2013

Week 3, photographing horses is really hard!

Monday - More horse food needed today, so a trip up to Simple Systems horse feeds for some more Purabeet and Lucie Nuts. Beautiful sunny day, despite the cold and wind, horses all rather happy on the yard. Mare looking back to normal, so some tack on tomorrow hopefully.
I tried to take some pictures of her as a kind of 'before and after 8 weeks of work' type thing, but they are pretty rubbish - It's really hard!

Tuesday - only the bare minimum done today as I had a very unhelpful 'helper' in the form of a 2yr old boy. Wednesday - Bit of a mixed day really. Pro - child free afternoon, Con - neither horse can be ridden (gelding not quite there with being brought back into work, mare still sore, especially muscles around girth/front legs) Pro - erm....... had time to brush horses, Con - weather was atrocious, a sleet blizzard! Thursday - Running around like a blue arsed fly today, the horses and children are lucky to have been fed! Saturday/Sunday - Rather an uninspiring weekend, horse wise. The beautiful Saturday afternoon was spent at a child's birthday party, and Sunday was cold, wet and miserable. The husband was working all weekend too, so no chance of escape!

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