Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Week 5

Five weeks in already, and no progress with the horses, well, not the sort of progress I had hoped for.

It is half term this week, so the girl is off school, and my husband is taking holiday.

The week started at 5am on Monday morning. We were having a day out in London at the Science Museum, but of course the horses need doing first. Fab day, but I am knackered by the time we get home at 8.30pm.
On Tuesday I had my first trailer lesson! It went well, but I am exhausted after 4 hours of driving. I did manage to give both horses a quick lunge though.

No exercise for the horses until Saturday, due to an Ikea visit and seeing family, but they have spent a bit of time out on the grass.
I lunged the mare and she is still so weak and unbalanced. I used two lunge lines, one behind her, to encourage her to track up, and despite my general ineptitude with long reining, it worked well. The gelding was lunged in side reins.

Sunday was spent trying to get ready for back to school tomorrow, going food shopping and stopping the kids from killing each other. I escaped for a while to hack the mare around the fields which was wonderful! Maybe things are looking up after all.

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