Monday, 25 February 2013

Week 6, a little bit of sunshine

Not a bad week this week. We have had sunshine. We have had a napping toddler, a child back at school and two horses who have been exercised. Not many weeks are this productive! 

The horses are slowly picking up. I feel more enthusiastic when it is sunny, so I suppose it makes sense that they do too. They have had some time without rugs which they love - dirty beasts! They rolled and rolled! 

The work is slow with them though and I'm finding it hard to keep at it to be honest, especially when I am tired or the weather is rubbish.  Sometimes it seems a lot of effort to arrange the whole day just to lunge for 10mins. But this week is making it seem more worthwhile.

The weekend was just what I needed. I went to a point to point with some friends, while my fabulous husband took the children to a birthday party, and then I went out with my mum friends for cheap and cheerful cocktails (and chips on the way home!)
On Sunday I was allowed a lie in (have I mentioned my husband is pretty fabulous?) Our afternoon was spent putting up electric fencing so the horses can spend more time on the grass, practising reversing my trailer ready for my test in 10 days time (eek!) and shifting hay from the big barn (wonderful husband again). I then repaid some of the debt by cooking a pretty damn good roast dinner.

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