Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Week 4. Ups and downs.

Monday - The chiropractor came to see the mare. I am now slightly poorer, but have a happier horse, so completely worth it.

Tuesday - Under chiropractor's advice, I put a saddle on the mare today. Huge improvement from trying to put it on last week, I managed to lead her once around the arena quite comfortably. The gelding's mud fever has improved dramatically, due mostly to some drier weather last week.

Wednesday - saddle on the mare again and longer being led around the arena. Gelding lunged and looking quite perky (if a little weak and malnourished! *)

* he is not actually malnourished, just runs up very light without grass and enough exercise.

Thursday - I just want to forget today happened!

Friday - I can't believe the boy has napped every day this week! So helpful! The weather was beautiful this afternoon and gave me a much needed boost of enthusiasm (vitamin D is amazing isn't it?!) With this new found enthusiasm I lunged the mare (interesting, she is obviously feeling much better) turned the gelding out in the arena stripped for some gentle exercise, and mucked out a friend's horse for them. Unfortunately, my idea of 'gentle exercise' and the gelding's varies. I thought he should mooch about a bit, and soak up some sun, he thought he should roll in the wet bit and come in coated in wet sand. Nice.

Saturday - Despite a ridiculously early wake up call (4am, thanks kids) it has been a perfect Saturday. Lazy morning at home, followed by going to see the hunt (mostly the hounds, I love hounds) onto the horses, where the gelding was lunged in tack, the kids helped clean a rug (ok, bash the crap out it with their toy brooms - it helped get rid of the dust) and ended with a happy, tired family tucking into Burger King in front of a film. Sometimes it all falls into place.

Sunday - Bit depressing horse wise. I rode the mare today, but there was just nothing there, no lift, no bounce, no bend, just nothing. It was like riding a very rigid plank of wood :(  A lot of work to do here, but feeling a bit low about it, rather than enthusiastic.

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