Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Lurgy and a yellow rosette

A bit late this week due to the lurgy.....

I started the week with Playmobil in my cup of tea, and an enthusiasm to start getting out and competing. I found some promising looking competitions on HorseDates and allowed myself a teeny spark of excitement. Not only am I actually going to be able to compete, I am going to be so prepared, with the mare and I in tip top condition that I am going to win some this year. I don't know if I've ever mentioned, but I am very competitive (not the best trait to pass on to your children, I might add.....)
Anyway, there is obviously some kind of conspiracy against me and my plans to take over the world win some rosettes. Firstly, as we all know, the weather has been shocking, secondly, the boy has not been as cooperative as he could be by deciding not to really nap much, oh yes, and getting a vomiting bug.

I don't think there is anyone who lives in as much fear of sickness bugs than a parent. Before kids, I might get a couple of grotty colds, the odd bad cough, and very occasional sickness (though they were very nearly all to do with alcohol) which was fine.
Since having kids, especially since the second one, the amount of vomiting bugs really is astonishing. We are now on our 4th (or possibly 5th) bout of vomiting since the winter began, and we are in general a pretty healthy family.

Anyway, the boy decorated our hall on Thursday evening, he filled his coat, my coat, his shoes and a bin. That was round one. Around midnight he perked up and decided he wanted to go to bed. The next morning he was perky, he had a bath (as did I, I'm sure some of it had gone in my hair) a hot cross bun for breakfast and was ok. He dozed on the sofa having cuddles (lovely) He then woke up, filled a bowl, a blanket and soaked my legs and feet. I had to phone my husband to see if he was passing (he was, phew!) to give me a hand. He cleaned up the boy while I had a quick shower and put on my 3rd load of washing so far today.

Tempted to give up on this week.

On Saturday I went over to the Riding Club show ground to help set up the jumps for Sunday's showjumping. I wasn't planning on jumping after the week we've had, but after putting up the jumps I really wanted to! There were so many reasons why I shouldn't - the horse isn't really fit, hasn't even been sat on for 2 weeks, it is Easter Sunday and is it really fair on the kids etc...

But anyway, I decided we would jump. I towed her myself for the first time (a little bit proud of myself) and entered the 1'9" class. We may have embarrassed ourselves a little, with the wild behaviour (bucking and jumping like we were hurdling) but actually, the most embarrassing part was being the only adult and horse in the jump off. We came 3rd, and I did feel a little like I had robbed these poor kids of a yellow rosette.....

But still, did I mention I'm competitive?

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