Friday, 24 May 2013

Competition Nerves

I seem to have lost the mental capacity to learn dressage tests. They just don't stick like they used to. To be fair, Novice 24 (2010) is a bit involved - so many bloody circles! I am going to get lost I know it.

I get a bit stressed about competitions. I suppose I always have done, but in a different way. I am very competitive and I used to get stressed about doing my best and doing well, and while that is still partly the case, I have other stresses now. Firstly, the children! Do I need to find a babysitter, or can they come with us, will they get bored etc. Then being the one in charge of everything, it is my responsibility to remember everything - horse, tack, money, lunch etc. Then I have to concentrate on the driving. Being a new trailer driver and having a bad travelling horse makes the journey there and back a bit stressful. Then I actually have to ride? I'm not sure I have any stress left!

This time I found a nanny for myself, my friend is coming along to be a calming presence and to remind me that this is for fun.

I suppose my greatest stress is that I am going to just not be good enough.

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