Monday, 20 May 2013

Sick (again)

We are in the middle of yet another sickness bug. I think this is about the 6th in 7months.

I actually don't know why we have had so many this year. We are all fit and healthy without underlying health problems.

We all get plenty of fresh air and exercise, we eat well enough (most dinners are made from scratch) and although the house wouldn't be the cleanest, the windows are always open and the main bits (kitchen and bathroom) are kept clean.

This is my daughter's first year in full time school, although she was at preschool for nearly 18months before that, so not the first time mixing with other kids. Baffling!

Anyway, we are now housebound until Wednesday (at least 48hrs after last sickness) with some very healthy looking children. Hmmmm......... might be spending quite a lot of time at the yard!

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