Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Ups and downs

Anyone who has horses knows how things can be wonderful one day, and go to complete shit the next.

On Sunday, the mare and I were off to the riding club for some more showjumping. We were going to attempt the 2'3" class again after having a blip last time.

It didn't really start very well, the mare was banging around in the trailer and the kids were restless and bored. It was quite busy, so we had a fair bit of hanging around. The jumping was a bit shit to be honest. Some very hairy moments with very little control, one stop and me trying to act like I had actually been on a horse before (it didn't look like it)

I came home feeling miserable and doubting my abilities. I'm sure everyone who has a horse has had that feeling at some point that they are not good enough for the horse. It is a horrid feeling and does nothing for the confidence.

Decided to stop wallowing in self pity and be proactive about it. Looking up instructors in the area and asking horsey friends for their recommendations. Looking forward to the riding club training evening next week, it has come at just the right time!

Monday evening I hacked out with a friend. Put a grackle noseband on the mare to gain a bit extra control. It was just what we needed, a really relaxing ride, making the stress of Sunday seem a bit ridiculous. Bathed the gelding - not much of an improvement!

Tuesday - schooled the mare today. She felt very flat. My husband, who is a vet, came to check her over in the evening. She was stiff but sound, and sweating in one patch just inside her right armpit. She is to have three days of easy work and painkillers. Next Tuesday's training evening may not happen. Going to give the chiropractor a call tomorrow morning and see if she will do some laser treatment. I suppose at least this may be the reason for the bad travelling on Sunday? Feeling a bit stressed.

Wednesday - called the chiro first thing - she is away at the moment!! Typical!
Architect coming over at 10am to look at loft conversion possibilities. Hoping for good news.
Found another physio that is already coming to our yard this evening and is happy to do some laser treatment on the mare. Things may be looking up?

Spoke too soon! Had a bit of a blow financially. Isn't it typical? The next couple of months may see some difficult decisions :(

Thursday - the mare is responding really well to the combination of painkillers and the laser treatment she had.
Went to a friends for dinner. Feel much more positive after a good gossip and several glasses of wine.....
Let's hope things improve or we find some sort of solution. May be looking for more work, but sadly I have very few marketable qualities, unless you count endless optimism and sheer bloodymindedness!

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