Sunday, 26 May 2013

Our First 1st Rosette!


Today was the riding club dressage/combined training. I decided to go for the bigger class as something to work towards, hoping to get 50% in the dressage and a decent round in the showjumping. My biggest goal was to stay relaxed and ride the mare rather than being a passenger, and for her to stay calm.

The dressage warm up was just what we needed. There was no warm up arena, so the the whole field could be used. The warm up arena and lack of space really stresses me out, I feel like I spend my whole time trying to get out of other peoples way. Hmm, maybe a blog post on warm up etiquette?

Anyways, the other big difference was that I had rather a large entourage! I had asked a friend to come with me as my nanny, and she was great, it meant there was someone to walk the course with, to go through my dressage test with me and to just be there for me and my horse. My husband is supportive but it is not the same, especially when he is trying to look after the kids at the same time!

My dad and step-mum came to watch too, which meant they could also help take care of the children.

The dressage test was pretty much as I expected, nothing amazing, but we did the correct movements at the correct time (well, mostly, I did miss out one circle!) and the second medium trot was a real medium! I got a 7 for that. Other than the one 7, I got fives and sixes, giving me a score of 56.9%  not too bad, and the comments were very fair. Out of the four competitors in the dressage competition I came 4th, but the highest score was 60% so we were all very close.

We were the only ones in the jumping warm up arena and the mare was really calm but pinging the jumps and enjoying herself.

The course was supposed to be 2'6" to 2'9" but I suspect was nearly all 2'6" which didn't really matter. Some of the jumping was a bit hit and miss, and while we are still having some control issues, I felt I was the one in charge this time. We went clear!

When I went to collect my dressage sheet, I was given a lovely green 4th rosette for the dressage, and then a red 1st for the combined training!!

Very happy, but exhausted. The mare spent the rest of the day on a new bit of field, with plenty to eat, and when she came in a couple of hours later she was sleeping with her head over the door. Day off tomorrow, let the gelding have a turn......

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