Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My Horses

I have two horses. I have the Mare, who is beautiful (I may be slightly biased) She is 15hh, TBxID, 10yrs old, dark bay with a white star and a snip, one 'wild' eye and two and a half socks. She is lovely to ride, forward going, bold and a bit of a show off. I love her.

I also have the Gelding. He is 16hh, TB ex-racehorse, 11yrs old, bay with a star and one white sock. He is a sensitive soul, some may say a bit simple and is quite in love with the Mare, who is a bit mean to him (ok, very mean) He is not very brave, and can whip around on a sixpence! He is mostly for my Husband to ride really, but I am supposed to keep him ticking over so he is ready for my Husband to ride when he gets the chance (which in all honesty is not very often)

I keep them at a small DIY yard 5mins drive away. It is a lovely yard, where everyone helps each other out. The kids and I spend our afternoons up there, my Son has his nap in the car on the yard and my Daughter runs around with the yard dogs playing with sticks and mud, while I muck out, do haynets, water buckets, feeds etc. That is what happens on a good day. On a bad day I have two grumpy children, it is raining, I have forgotten to pick up horse food and we are waiting for the farrier to arrive. But mostly it works and I feel happy, my Son has a good nap, my Daughter is rosy cheeked and smiling and we all come home in a good mood.

Today has been a good day

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