Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The morning hasn't improved much

In the rush to get out of the house, the buggy broke (one of the bolts is a bit dodgy and needs replacing frequently) I couldn't find my keys (Barbie was hiding them) and my Daughter fell flat on her face on the pavement. Rush to get back as we have the chimney sweep coming and the house is an absolute hole at the moment, to find that although I had locked the door I had left the keys in the hood of the buggy which was parked outside my door. I am an idiot.

I then had to change my Son's nappy (they are great with their timing aren't they?) when the chimney sweep arrived. I hadn't had chance to run around chucking stuff into cupboards and now my house smelt of poo - marvellous.

However, I now have a very clean chimney but the house stinks of smoke. Ho Hum.


  1. Hope your day has improved - at least you can have a fire on a wintery day now Dick Van Dyke has been and done his job!

  2. Yes, getting some logs delivered later on in the week, so by the weekend I fully expect to have a roaring fire, well behaved, rosy cheeked children and a house straight out of Country Living. Hmmmm...... a girl can dream ;D