Monday, 28 November 2011

A Horse Filled Weekend

I am still on a post horsey filled weekend high! This weekend I have clipped both the Mare and Gelding, and they both look quite smart (well, as though they belong to someone anyway) I have given the stables a good muck out too, lots of lovely clean straw, then had a sort through the old rugs.

DH (Darling Husband - I have resorted to abbreviations) and I then had a fun hack, thanks to a lovely girl on the yard who offered to look after the kids for an hour. I wouldn't say the horses were on their best behaviour, but they were really enjoying themselves. There is a fine line between having a bit of fun and being naughty, and they stayed the right side of it (just, in the case of the Mare who had to have several bucks!) We figured out that the poor Gelding hadn't been sat on for a month! Poor boy had a cut on his frog (his foot, for anyone who may be reading this and not familiar with horsey terminology) that had got a bit of pus in and he was quite sore for a while, then we had our holiday and before we know it a month had passed. He was an angel, yes he was bright and a bit on tippy toes, but definitely the better behaved of the two (yes Darling Mare, I am looking at you) so called lively ex-racehorse!

So, despite having slightly stiff muscles today, I have been full of bounce. This makes the day seem a happy one, and when mummies have happy days, so do the children. A fantastic result.

Now, back to the laundry mountain, also known as Mount Washmore....

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