Tuesday, 30 April 2013

That moment when you think you have made a bit of a mistake.....

I schooled the mare today. The boy was having a lovely nap, the sun was out, and it seemed like a good opportunity to do some decent flatwork with her.

I decided to try her in the gelding's bridle, as he has a French link bit (she has a copper roller that is not dressage legal) and she seemed happy with it.

However, when we got into the school, I felt like I had very little control (eeek!) Our long rein warm up was a bit speedier than I would have liked, but the medium trot was quite something! Or, it would have been if I had asked for medium trot, as it was, I just felt less in control. At that moment I wondered if it had been a really stupid idea!

20mins of quite hard work later and I was feeling pretty pleased with ourselves. Tomorrow is going to be painful though.

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