Thursday, 13 June 2013

A weekend off! Slightly more stressful than it should be?

I am starting to get a little bit excited, as tomorrow I am going away to Centre Parcs for a friends birthday weekend.

This means that from tomorrow lunchtime I will be free from childcare, horsecare and housework until Monday. I was a little worried about going, as I only know the birthday girl, and I have never spent more than one night away from the kids before. Also, I have been getting going with the horses lately and didn't want to chuck away a lot of the work.

However, the kids are tired and grumpy, and I am getting a bit worn down with going on at them the whole time, the house is (as always) a bit of a dump, and one horse is not sound and the other is off his little mind with the grass, so I'm very glad to be getting away.

As an added bonus, I checked my bank balance yesterday and I should avoid going overdrawn this weekend - result!

Of course, trying to get organised to go away is a bit a nightmare. I know my husband is more than capable of looking after two children and two horses, but I do have control freak tendencies.

One niggle I have though, is that I haven't had much practice being Christie lately. I am pretty good at being Mummy, or general shit shoveller/skivy/housemaid/cook etc, and I get some evenings where I get to be none of those things, just a 28 year old out with friends. But a whole weekend is going to be a struggle, I just know I am going to end up cutting someone's toast up into squares!

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