Thursday, 20 June 2013

Learning to juggle

The boy is going to have to stop his naps. I knew it was only a matter of time, but while he was still wanting to nap I was willing to take advantage of it. However, if he has a nap now, he just won't go to sleep at night.

This makes doing the horses a bit tricky. He is fine to have around while doing the yard, but I don't like to have him around while I'm moving horses about. I'm often up there on my own with the boy, so if anything happens to me, I hate to think of the consequences!

I could ride early in the mornings, but my husband's job is unpredictable, so unless I was home by 6.30am (sometimes earlier) it just wouldn't work. That leaves the evenings or the odd lunch break (again, not reliable)

I like to ride in the evenings, especially at this time of year, but I also like to have dinner with my family. It used to work quite well, in that I would exercise the horses as much as possible during the day while the girl was at school and the boy napped, just hacking out once or twice a week in the evenings, which was a good balance I thought.
Now, my options are to only ride at weekends (which are often busy in their own way) with the odd evening thrown in. Or to start getting up ridiculously early, or to get in some babysitting favours. Or a combination of all the above!

Either way, juggling is the way forward.....

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