Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pretty Productive

Despite my having clearly failed at Monday morning, I have not done too badly since. In fact, by my usual standards I have been rather productive.

I am naturally a procrastinator, so will put things off until the very last moment. Housework gets done in the hour or two leading up to having visitors, despite having known about it for a week or more. I will happily give the horses a day (or 5) off, only to be desperately trying to get enough work into them in the week leading up to a competition.

Which is where we are now. The mare and I are doing dressage on Sunday, and although it is not just down to my laziness us having to play catch up (her having been lame too) it is a familiar experience.

I'll often write lists (I love lists) but although that seems very organised, it is just a delay tactic. I can't possibly clean the bathroom and hoover the stairs if it is not on some kind of list first!

So, this week (bearing in mind it is only Tuesday lunchtime) I have:

Done the weeks meal plan and shopping.
Exercised both horses.
Tidied and hoovered the sitting room.
Done a horrendous amount of paperwork (bank stuff, been putting it off for weeks)
Taken the boy to playgroup.
Played tractors with the boy (yesterday) and playdoh (today)
Taken my posh riding boots to have zip replaced.
Cleared out the car.
Washed lots of horse coats that were getting musty in the car.

As well as the usual dinners, packed lunches etc.

Pretty Damn good I reckon!

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