Thursday, 20 June 2013

My wonderful Dad, and lots of rain

My Dad popped to the yard on his way home from work at lunchtime yesterday, and agreed to watch the boy for me while I exercised the mare. Excellent (my Dad is amazing)

So I ran to the field, dragged her in (she wasn't very enthusiastic) and got her ready. It was starting to rain, so at the last minute I grabbed my coat. My Dad had asked why the horses were wearing rugs, and when I told him it was because of the rain, he replied "what rain?"

By the time we got into the arena, the very light drizzle had turned into slightly harder drizzle, and within 5 minutes I was having to wipe water from my eyes and the mare had her ears flat against her head.

We stayed out there about 10mins, which was better than nothing. My wonderful Dad sat in the hayshed with the boy, laughing at me. I said to him "If I wasn't so grateful I might be pissed off with you, what rain indeed!" Which, from the dryness of the hayshed he found hilarious.

Despite getting soaked, and running out of time to skip out the field, I did manage to exercise one horse.

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