Thursday, 1 December 2011

I am knackered and I want to have a moan about it

Like completely, bone achingly exhausted. The sort where you actually want to cry. But I shan't.

DH is having his busiest period at work, not helped by a trip abroad this week, so it has felt like we haven't seen him and last sunday seems like it never really happened. DD (Darling Daughter) is just 4yrs old and at preschool every morning, and it is coming to the end of her first full term doing every morning. She is tired, she is grumpy, she looks peaky, she either argues with everything or mumbles in reply depending on what time of day it is. DS (Darling Son) who is 15months is quite jolly, but teething again, which is upsetting his sleep patterns.

So, DH is working stupid hours, DD is being quite hard work, DS is waking up in the night again, not going to sleep very well in the first place and waking early, and to top it all off, our next door neighbour, who is a lovely old lady but quite deaf and with a yappy jack russell dog, is obviously falling asleep with her (loud) music on at night which means that we can still hear bloody old fashioned fairground type music at 4am. Although last night was opera, which was at least a bit of variety.

I used to be able to sleep anywhere. I would rarely oversleep, but I would need an alarm to wake me. Since having the children I am a very light sleeper, which apparently is very common. This is not great when DH frequently gets called out in the night.

So, last night, despite having a late night, already being exhausted from having a completely mad day and then a few drinks I hardly slept. I think I saw every hour. At 6.20am, I decided enough was enough, so I got up, and did some tidying. DD didn't wake til 7am and DS (having been up for half an hour at 3.30) decided he was now very tired and I had to get him up at 7.30 so he could have breakfast.

One of my 'Mum' friends, said "Make sure you get a nap this afternoon while DS sleeps"

There is one problem with this, the horses. Whilst I adore spending time up at the yard, on some days it can feel like you are wading through treacle - like today.

Anyway, moan over. The children are fast asleep, I am going to leave the mess that has sprung up from nowhere throughout the day, have a soak in the bath and go to bed (possibly with earplugs!)

Good night!

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