Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day

Christmas is over. I don't care what other people say or think on the matter, for me Boxing Day is when the Christmas madness has ended, the hangover if you like. It is the day when you you look around at all the newly aquired stuff and wonder where the hell you are going to put it. The day when you spend more time trying to stuff discarded wrapping, boxes and those annoying twisty bit of plastic wire that are an inevitable part of any toy packging, into an already full to burst wheely bin. The day where eating chocolate for breakfast makes you feel a bit sick and guilty (and yet we do it anyway!)

Even as a child I found Boxing Day a disappointment. The initial excitement over new toys has diminished (usually a couple of small bits have gone missing) and the adults seem much less tolerant of your chocolate fuelled behaviour - of this I am now more than understanding!

We kept back our children's main presents til today, which filled the morning quite nicely, but now we have all hit the slump, DH has had a couple of call outs for work (one of which is going to take a couple of hours) and I am trying to fill the time till lunchtime hiding from my children and their demands of more chocolate.

I am looking forward to when the children are in bed this evening and I can have a lovely long soak in the bath with some yummy new bath stuff. It is going to be a long day....

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