Friday, 2 December 2011

So, apparently Mary didn't go to Bethlehem on a donkey....

She went in a car, not just any car, a pink one. This is what DD told me this morning.

I have done an 'Activity' Advent calender for DD (DS mostly just gets a chocolate coin) Yesterday, being the first day, we read a children's version of the Christmas Story. To be honest I didn't think DD had taken any of it in, having been preoccupied by a chocolate coin, so I was surprised how much info she could give me when I asked her if she remembered this morning. Obviously the mode of transport wasn't one of the details she remembered.

Today was Playmobil Mary and Joseph.

My advent treats? Yesterday was 45mins without my children, today is a lurgy. A sore throat, woolley head, achy bones and a temp of 38.9. Probably caught from that known hotbed of disease, playgroup one of the children.

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