Saturday, 17 December 2011

Dear Santa

I have mostly been a good girl this year.
Yes, sometimes I get a bit shouty and I am prone to slatternly behaviour, but on the whole I think I deserve some Christmas treats. Any of the following would be gratefully recieved:

  1. A Landrover Discovery and horse trailer
  2. More sleep
  3. A cleaner/nanny/groom Some staff
  4. A balaclava - it gets quite cold up at the yard, I imagine Mrs Claus knits you one every Christmas, being cold at the North Pole and all.
  5. Gloves. Lots and lots of pairs of gloves. I am always leaving them in the wrong coat pocket
  6. A new purse, mine is rubbish and all my money falls out into the bottom of my bag
  7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt2 on Blu-Ray
  8. Some CDs - the last two Noah and the Whale albums, The Wombats newest album
  9. Some warm long socks
  10. Some nice bath stuff

As you can see, I don't ask for a lot. Merry Christmas to you, Mrs Claus and all the elves

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