Thursday, 22 December 2011

Olympia fuelled pony dreams

Occasionally I watch something on telly that is not Cbeebies or Peppa pig. Over the weekend I recorded all of the Olympia Horse Show coverage. So the last couple of days if I have a spare moment (there have been very few!) I have watched it.

I watched the Puissance. For anyone not familliar with this, it is a showjumping class where the horses and riders have to jump a short course of 'easy' jumps followed by the wall. The wall is HUGE. If they get round clear (without any faults) they go through to the next round. This round has one jump and then the wall which has got higher, this keeps going with the wall getting higher each round until there is a winner. Although they cap it at 5 rounds. Apparently the record for a puissance wall jumped clear is 7 foot 10 inches. That is higher than I can actually imagine (being only 5ft3(and a bit)

In my Pony Club days there was a competition we used to do at the Christmas party, called 'Chase me Charlie' where you had one jump that would go up each round. It was very exciting (especially for my naughty pony) I remember jumping over 3ft on my little 12hh dartmoor once, it was possibly the highlight of our winter!

I miss those days filled with ponies. I have spent the last few days daydreaming about summer shows, winter showjumping and dressage and autumn hunter trials.

I have been quite enthusiastic about going to the yard, until I get there and it is raining and everything feels damp, the horses are caked in mud, I have too many layers on to even contemplate getting on a horse and the school is under water.

Perhaps I should start my hugely successful showjumping career in the spring....

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